1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup

The Hero Truck from the Film “Back to the Future”

1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup

The Hero Truck from the Film “Back to the Future”

Want Your Own Marty Clone Truck?

If you ever dreamed of owning your own Marty McFly Truck, look no further! We can build you the truck of your childhood dreams. If you would like to have your truck outfitted and restored, or have us build you a truck we have in stock, shoot us an email to GregsrestorationsLLC@gmail.com with multiple photos inside and out of your classic Toyota. We have touched every single component on the original truck and have the most experience in the country with restoring clone Back To The Future pickups. There are usually 3 – 4 levels of restoration we can perform. The better the truck, the lower the costs will be. If searching to build or restore a classic Toyota, find the cleanest truck possible with little to zero rust. 

On average, a build starts at about $50k (plus vehicle to start with) and can exceed over $150k depending on the level of perfection we are going for. All pricing is determined on the overall condition of the vehicle and the level the customer wants to bring the truck to. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email! If you are looking to just do a few small jobs on your current truck, we can do that too!


Smittybuilt Front & Rear Bumpers 3×5 KC Fog Lights 6″ Round KC Daylighter Off-Road Lights
Toyota Windshield Sticker 31″ Goodyear Wrangler Tires 15″ US Wheels (Black & Chrome)
Gloss Black Finish Custom Rubber Bed Mat 22re Performance of California Custom Built Engine
Ceramic Coated Header  Performance Exhaust System Solid Axle w/ Auto Locking Hubs

Smittybuilt Front & Rear Bumpers

Smittybuilt Roll Bar

6″ Round KC Daylighter Off-Road Lights 

3×5 KC Fog Lights

31″ Goodyear Wrangler Tires

15″ US Wheels (Black & Chrome)

Toyota Windshield Sticker

Custom Rubber Bed Mat

22re Performance of California Custom Built Engine

Ceramic Coated Header And Performance Exhaust System

Gloss Black Finish

Solid Axle w/ Auto Locking Hubs

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The Backstory

Hubbardston, MA

The screen used Toyota Pickup was purchased in 2012 by the Shea Family of Hubbardston, Ma, from a source in California. We met the Shea family at a local car show in Worcester, MA in the summer of 2013 and shortly after the restoration began! Originally the truck was owned by a vehicle movie leasing company that rented the vehicle to Universal Studios. This truck was the owner’s personal truck, and Universal Studios paid to have the truck outfitted with a bunch of accessories to make the truck match the truck from the first movie. There were actually two trucks used in the film! The first truck was a 1985 Toyota as well, but had a few different options (jet black tinted windows, tonneau cover, single roll bar, SR5 engraved seats, Toyota decal on the tailgate, light covers, and blacked-out wheel well trim). After the first movie was issued, the truck was raffled off between California Raisins and Universal Studios, which led to the later owner (from our understanding) wrecking the truck, which no longer exists…
After the second and third movies aired, the owner got his personal truck back and drove it for a few more years before passing away. The vehicle was then later sold to a gentleman who was a Denver Broncos football fan who tricked out the vehicle in his favorite team’s colors (blue and orange). He also lifted the truck, changed the interior, and added some different wheels and tires but never cut up or destroyed the truck, and it wasn’t in too bad of shape when we got it. During his time owning it, the vehicle was stolen from him and later turned up over the border in Mexico as a drug runner for a Mexican drug cartel. The vehicle was unharmed other than a few dings and scratches, and was returned to the owner. The vehicle was later posted on craigslist for sale, where another restoration company purchased it in California. However, it was so heavily involved with the “A Car DeLorean” project that they decided it was a good idea to sell. That’s where Bill, Patrick, and we come into play! The vehicle currently has over 240k miles on it and runs strong. This vehicle was the Toyota that put us on the map for classic Toyota restorations.

The Restoration

The restoration began in 2013 at our facility in Rutland, MA. The vehicle came in and was heavily documented, and tons of pictures were taken. The truck was then completely stripped down to its bare frame, and everything was bagged and labeled. The body of the vehicle was previously painted orange and needed to be taken down to bare steel so we could start from scratch with the restoration. There was little to zero rust on the vehicle, which had lived its whole life in a dry climate, unlike New England where we are from. Once the vehicle was stripped down and completely organized, we sandblasted the chassis and axle components along with soda blasting the entire body. Once in bare steel, we could perform all of our bodywork and dent repair on the cab and bed of the vehicle. The bed was probably the most dented and beat-up part of the truck, and a special dye was made to correctly remove the dents from the bed. Once all the dents were removed, we could properly prime and paint the vehicle back to its original glory! One of our favorite parts of the restoration was restoring the four original KC Daylighters that were attached to the roll bar. This truck was a one year only built truck, and that made it even more special and rare! It is the first year of production EFI engine and the last year production of the heavy duty solid front axle. In ’86, they went with the independent front axle for a better ride, but it is not as tough looking and capable as the solid axle. The restoration needed to be finished for the unveiling of the 30th anniversary of the movie in 2015. It took just about a year to complete and was ahead of schedule. To learn more about this restoration, please check out the YouTube video for this build!

Engine & Drivetrain

The truck is outfitted with a state of the art 22re Performance engine that was custom built to our needs. The engine needed to be more powerful than stock because it was a “Custom 4×4″ built by Statler Toyota in the film, so we couldn’t go completely stock. It is outfitted with a ceramic coated LC Engineering header and performance exhaust system that sounds amazing. The chassis was restored to an OE semi gloss finish with stock suspension height. A lot of viewers of the film think the truck is lifted, but it is stock height with oversized tires. The wheels are a 15″ US Wheel with a 31” Goodyear Wrangler tire. The transmission is a factory 5 speed that was sent out to be fully restored to OE specs. Everything under the hood was restored to OE specs, if not better. One difficult part of the restoration was restoring the wiring harness. Due to manufacturers not reproducing any connectors or aftermarket harnesses, we had to restore the harness and clean every connector or replace it if broken from a parts truck. This truck has won multiple awards for having the cleanest engine bay. It even has the factory dust boot on the distributor that every mechanic threw away back in the ’90s!


The interior of the truck was painted, and the seats were changed. A lot of stuff was missing, so we had to buy a parts truck from a 3rd party to obtain some really hard to find parts. The seats were sent out to be reupholstered with custom seat covers due to no one making reproduction covers for these trucks. If you find a set of the SR5 seats from the first movie truck, they are worth their weight in gold! Every piece of plastic had to be restored and recoated, and we were lucky enough to find an uncracked dash cap from a 3rd party source. The center console was restored and outfitted with a radio inside of it. This allowed it to have the modern features of a state of the art system while keeping the dash looking original vintage Toyota. Everything in the interior is 100% movie accurate and restored as close to OEM as possible!

Most Difficult Part of The Project

One of the most difficult parts of the project was having to individually bag and label the hardware as it was used on the truck, so it could be put back in its original location. We set up an assembly line to sandblast the parts, clean them, then chemically dip each part or hardware to be electroplated to its original coating (gold cadmium, green, silver, or black). We knew we could not outsource this part of the project, so that’s why we did it in house to ensure perfection. Another part of the project that was difficult was finding a few hard to source parts due to the dealer discontinuing a lot of them, and some aftermarket sources at the time had not started remanufacturing parts yet. We actually got into the parts business as well on this project, making a few of the parts ourselves.



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